A short guide to starting all over in mid-life

Painting Katarzyna Środowska, courtesy of the artist

Most people who come to a career coach have it up to their ears with their jobs. They don’t even want to consider talking about any changes in their current workplace. Usually they’ve already decided not to stay where they are…

But religion is not your story

Katarzyna Karpowicz, Underwater Sun, 2016 — courtesy of the artist

We are becoming a more and more secular society. The churches are closing as we turn our backs on formalized rituals and rigid sets of rules. Put off by an outdated patriarchal structure, an array of dogmas, we question the authority of the priests…

Don’t be emotional about your emotions. Be smart about them.

Rafał Olbiński, Excessive diversity of meanings - courtesy of Art. Krajewski Gallery

It might seem dangerous these days to experience negative emotions. I mean if they increase the risk of cancer wouldn’t it be wiser to avoid them? As if that weren’t enough, we also know from research that optimists live longer and have lower blood pressure*. The social costs can be…

A simple hack that will skyrocket your productivity

Kinga Piwowarczyk, Odlot — courtesy of Art. Krajewski Gallery

There’s a variety of great exercises that will help you develop inner traits and grow into a better version of yourself. ‘Elon Musk Day’ is one of them.

Born out of a dream and inspired by its analysis, it did help me to increase my productivity by some 20%, highly…

Ewa Wolanska

Inner work gold digger. Therapist. Social Psychologist. Loves dancing & art. Web: cdm-warszawa.pl

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