“Elon Musk Day”

A simple hack that will skyrocket your productivity

Kinga Piwowarczyk, Odlot — courtesy of Art. Krajewski Gallery

There’s a variety of great exercises that will help you develop inner traits and grow into a better version of yourself. ‘Elon Musk Day’ is one of them.

Born out of a dream and inspired by its analysis, it did help me to increase my productivity by some 20%, highly reduce social media intake and sharpen my visionary focus. All within 24 hours.

For the purpose of keeping this article short (welcome 21st century 😉), I will not quote the whole dream, suffice it to say that Elon did take my phone number after I shared some innovative insight on modern therapy approaches. (The detailed wording of this bold statement, as it often is with dreams, I totally cannot recall 🤷‍♂️). Then the scene changed and he went away. I was going over in my head what I wanted to ask him next. This would be “Elon, how long do you think print press will still last?”. Then I woke up.

There’s no question about this. He is one of my golden shadows. A golden shadow is a person who has a set of traits you admire. Psychologically speaking, what this admiration is in fact, is a dormant longing from your heart to awaken and develop within yourself the traits you are drawn to.

And that’s how the idea for an ‘Elon Musk Day’ was born.

An ‘Elon Musk Day’ is one day, when from dawn to dusk you go about your business trying to incorporate the qualities of your golden shadow within your life, to act like him and think like him (or her :)). “How would they spend the day? Where would they direct their attention? How would they approach a problem I am now facing? What would they do in a situation from my life?” These are good questions to ask yourself when doing such an exercise.

I did prepare. Just before sleep I went over some YouTube videos to get a feeling of Musk’s energy and his way of thinking. There was even a documentary about his habits, which I watched glued to my tablet.

The following morning, things shot off like a SpaceX rocket (well almost 😉).

I did not rush. (Apparently he likes to sleep in till 8 😉). But I was much more methodical than usually. In what sequence would he approach my tasks? How would he avoid distractors? What would help him be more efficient? — just these few questions at the back of my head made a significant change to what my day looked like. Suddenly I stopped scrolling Facebook knowing that it would lead me nowhere, concentrating on my goals instead. “Well, It’s an Elon Musk Day today” I said to myself every time I felt like I was wasting my time or taking eyes off my ambitions.

Bold, future-oriented thinking is another trait I admire. Where is the market going? How can I be bolder with my visions? What innovative approaches are worth developing in my area of expertise? Yes, that sounded very much like an Elon Musk attitude. So on that day I did give these questions my special attention. I went to trendhunter.com and journaled about my ideas. I thought about the changes needed to make therapy approaches truly apt for the 21st century.

You do not need to have a dream to do this exercise.

One way of doing it is to ask yourself what three people you would like to have dinner with. Once you have figured that out, write why you would like to meet them and what would you be expecting to learn from them.

Equipped with this knowledge you are ready to start. Remember to dedicate a separate day to each person. (Just FYI I did have a ‘Jacinda Arden Day’ later on — helped significantly with doing the livestreams ;)). You also do not need to know your golden shadow very well or go into all aspects of this person’s life. The idea is to follow only the traits you admire.

The benefits of such an exercise, if you truly commit yourself through the whole day, are enormous. A new energy enters your world and you feel a subtle shift happening inside. Some effects are immediately visible (like a productivity boost in my case) while many small seeds seem to be planted that you will notice later on, in the long term.

However, If you do spot a golden shadow in one of your dreams notice what else is happening there. “Elon, how long do you think print press will still last?” seems to remind us that changes are inevitable and what belongs in the past should stay there. There’s no sense working on obsolete ideas, things should be re-invented and new solutions, matching the current state of evolution should be found. Directing this question to a visionary, attaches to it the energy that we must be bold in our actions, pursue innovation, whatever our line of work.


But looking closer at this sentence and one of its possible layers of meaning, doesn’t it sound a little like an invitation to start writing online?

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